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SIREN: Origins

SIREN is a celebration of what the surfing lifestyle really is.  Inspired by a retro '70s influence, Siren was founded in 2000 with the mission of redefining the surfcraft that the lifestyle is built upon; while fostering an environment within which the Siren ethos of creating chic and sexy - yet authentic and organic - products can grow.

Over the years, we have added new and innovative products to our lineup, introducing retro inspired shortboards, standup paddle boards, fins, surf leggings, apparel and accessories that fit our organic, beach-centric view of the world.  Everything is prototyped and refined in our beachside studio in San Diego, California, and selflessly tested in some of the world's most exoctic beach locales ;)

In 2009, we began offering a Siren-style twist on the boho-hippie embroidered peasant blouses and dresses of the '60's.  Based on the original Mexican-style peasant blouses of Oaxaca, they became a symbol of freedom and cultural liberation before fading into obscurity in the late 1970's.  They remained a staple of local life in the little mountain villages of Mexico, and we were naturally inspired by them on our many surf adventures South of the Border.  Little did we know they would become one of our most popular items, and today we offer over 8 unique styles.

On the surfboard front, we have remained fairly equally "distracted" by longboarding (with a particular fascination for noseriding) and retro-style shortboarding (with an overactive curiosity for sub 5'6" twin fins).  Thanks to our roots with Channin Surfboards going back to our founding, we developed a reputation for building some very beautiful surfcraft.  Over the years, Siren's reputation as a woman's specific surfboard company has faded as more and more men have jumped on our boards -- hey, a great board is a great board...

Luckily for us, our surfboard factory was located right in the midst of a hot-bed of early standup paddle board design, which made us among the first to start building SUPs on the US mainland.  Siren is without a doubt the first women's specific SUP builder.  Today, we are proud to complement our innovative SUP lineup with the world's fastest and most advanced standup paddle board fin designs.

Our latest collaboration stars Salt Gypsy, originator of the Surf Legging craze.  We've been working with the uber talented Danielle Clayton, Salt Gypsy founder and creative director to put a Siren spin on her iconic color-block leggings.  We think you'll agree that the results are amazing!

Siren is so lucky to have the involvement of a talented crew of stylish, strong, and beautiful women who help to fulfill our vision -- one that is surely 'by women,' but not exclusively 'for women.'   We're all about our cutomers, so we only sell direct in order to offer the best service possible.  We also refrain from extensive marketing, choosing instead to rely upon on our loyal customers to share the Siren love.  Because when it comes to great design, we believe that conscientious, thoughtful products will naturally appeal to conscientious, thoughtful people -- no extra convicing needed :)

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