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Siren Coconuckle Mermaid Tote

    • Out of Stock...Darn!
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    DARN!  Looks like this one got away....

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    The Siren Coconuckle burlap tote exudes boho gypsy chic. With a coconut button closure and coconut buckle detail on the strap to round out it's pirate-y mermaid vibe.

    How did it get it's name, you ask? If you've ever spent a full day trekking through the urban maze that is the garment district, you will understand how a "coconut buckle" can easily be slurred into a "coconuckle." Hence the name for our ~15" wide x 12" high x 4" deep bag with coconuckle adorned strap. Caringly tailored using burlap and tropical bark cloth, it features a simple interior convenience pocket to house your cell phone, lip balm, keys, and any other necessities. The coconut button & loop closure is artfully complemented by the coconuckle on the strap.

    Our recumbent Siren logo is hand-pressed on natural muslin using the block-print technique, which enhances the bag's vintage, hand-crafted vibe. Block printing involves etching a mirror image of the art in a block of semi-hard rubber, coating the block with waterbased eco-friendly fabric paint, and pressing the block to the fabric to leave an imprint of the art or logo on the cloth. Block printing dispenses with the harsh chemicals, volitile inks and extra materials required in traditional screenprint methods. Every printing results in something unique.

    The Coconuckle is the perfect tote for all your beach essentials this summer!

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