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Siren Mexican Floral Embroidery Pattern - Detail 2

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    Free Embroidery Patterns from Siren: Floral Sprig


    By popular demand!  We are offering our embroidery patterns as a free download to aspiring embroiderers.  This is a very versatile embroidery pattern that we incorporate on various peasant blouses, tea towels, etc.  Sourced from original 1970's vintage Mexican peasant blouses.  Check out the detail images for color ideas.  Keep the tradition alive!

    Just hit the "Download PDF" button below and follow your browser's prompts to display, save or print your embroidery pattern.  Use the sizing options in your PDF viewer or browser to size the pattern to fit your project.




    *Please note that our embroidery pattens are only available as digital downloads by hitting the "Download PDF" button above, or by adding them to your cart and accessing them by logging in to your account here at

    **We do not mail paper versions of any of our embroidery patterns.


    You probably already know this pattern from our "La Marina" and "La Lijera" Mexican blouses


    Check 'em out below:

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