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Siren "Square Tip" SUP Fin

Siren "Square Tip" SUP Fin
Siren "Square Tip" SUP Fin Siren "Square Tip" SUP Fin
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The Siren "Square Tip" SUP Fin was design specifically for "hybrid" SUPing where your downwind, upwind and surfing time will be equally shared (a la the Battle of the Paddle).  By reducing the base length and enhancing the surface area at the tip, we have created a versatile fin that delivers a responsive, positive feel while surfing whitewash or the open face.  The square tip area allows us to maintain a longer chord through the foil sections at the deepest part of the fin, equating to better efficiency and a decreased tendency to yaw while paddling open-ocean courses.  For stand up paddlers with a penchant for noseriding, this fin can't be beat.

The result of extensive R&D, the stand-alone speed and performance of a Siren by Curtis Fins SUP fin is a result of not only conscientious design work that relies upon proven hydrodynamic theory, but is also the result of sound composite engineering.  Designed using sophistocated CAD, CAM and solid modeling techniques, every foil section is carefully selected by Curtis to ensure optimum performance; relying upon feedback from the Curtis Fins team to drive each fin's evolution.

Anatomy of a Siren by Curtis Fins SUP fin:

A Siren SUP fins by Curtis Fins begins by pressure laminating thin sheets of fiberglass together in a hydraulic press.  This results in a fiberglass blank that consists of more continuous strands of glass than the traditional single-sheet wet-layup method of producing fin blanks -- which in turn equates to enhanced stiffness.  By producing blanks with a higher flexural modulous (i.e., high rigidity), we are able make the fin thinner, which enhances efficiency, and therefore speed, through the water.

The fin blank is then fixtured in a CNC machine for precise, reliable reproduction of Curtis' original design.  Subtleties make the difference when it comes to fin design, where small changes in foil shape can have a big impact on performance.  No other mode of reproduction can compare to the CNC's ability to consistently deliver the key design components that make a Siren by Curtis Fin not only a performer, but a work of art.

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