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Siren Surf Sojourn Standup Paddleboard SUP: 9'

    • Out of Stock...Darn!
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    DARN!  Looks like this one got away....

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    9' x 28.25" x 4.0"

    A lot of SUPs out there are as wide as a barge, and weigh about as much. Imagine standup paddleboards that are smaller and more stable than anything you've thought possible.  While extreme width and thickness does make the board more stable, it also makes them a chore to paddle, turn and carry. We've incorporated some tricks to make our stand up paddle boards narrower, lighter and more manueverable than any other, and at the same time much more stable.

    A step along the rail line of the Siren Sojourn SUP creates a "pontoon" effect for stability. A rounded pintail allows for easy direction changes, whether in waves or flat water. Conservative rocker curve yeilds a forgiving feel in the water, creating a sure-footed feeling. Finally, the blunt nose shape allows us to keep the outline more parallel, which further enhances the board's stability and speed; resisting a standup paddleboard's tendency to "yaw" while paddling.

    Note that actual colors will vary slightly due to computer screen variance and artist interpretation.

    Hand built in the USA.

    Deck Pad applied and included.

    Key Features:

    • 1.5# Density EPS Core
    • Super Strong Epoxy Shell
    • Eco-friendly Chromo-Tech Acrylic Color and Clear Coat
    • Highest strength-to-weight ratio achievable in a hand built SUP

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