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Siren Surfboards "FantaSea" Pro Model 9'0

    • Out of Stock...Darn!
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    DARN!  Looks like this one got away....

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    9'0" x 23.0" x 3.0"

    The FantaSea Pro Model was designed with 2005 World Womens Longboard Champion Kristy Murphy.  Our objective was to create a board that filled the gap between the cutting-edge performance of modern longboards like the Hot Tamale and the traditional noseriders of the late '60s.  The FantaSea fits the bill by selectively blending progressive and old-school design elements.  A rounded pintail plan-shape features an semi-parallel section to hold the board in trim as moderate nose concave creates lift for noseriding.  Round, 50/50 rails forward of center finesse water over the rail and onto the deck to further enhance the board's noseride-ability.  In the tail section of the board, the focus turns to speed and agility.  Moderately tucked 60/40 rails transition into hard edge starting just forward of the fins to help the FantaSea surf fast and loose from the tail.  Conservative rocker curve through the tail is just enough to keep the board fast in mushy, flat surf without sacrificing the ability to hit the lip.

    The FantaSea is the perfect all-in-one package for surfers that will find themselves spitting their time between beach breaks and softer reef and point breaks.  As a rule of thumb, choose the Hot Tamale if you are a more aggressive, tail-oriented surfer, preferring to hit the lip and crank turns; choose the FantaSea if you spend as much time on the nose as you do on the tail.  With a flatter rocker and more volume than the Hot Tamale, the FantaSea catches waves with ease -- it is also the best longboard choice for beginners.

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