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Siren Surf Rocket Quad SUP: 7'4"

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    DARN!  Looks like this one got away....

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    7'4" x 27.5" x 3.85"

    The 7'4" version of the Siren Rocket Quad was designed for stand up paddlers looking for an SUP experience that borders on a shortboard experience.  Like it's 9'0 counterpart, everything about this board is progressive and novel, defying the tendency for SUPs to be bloated and sluggish.  Fine, sleek rails gradually transition from soft and tucked forward of center for forgiveness, to hard, edgey and down in the tail for a swift, agile response through hard turns.  A subtle single concave through the mid section of the bottom gives the board a flatter effective rocker profile through the center of the board to facilitate paddling and to provide lift while surfing in smaller waves.  In order to help the board get on rail fast, the single concave transitions to Vee just before the front fins.  Nose rocker is subtley kicked to resist catching on steep drops.  Like all Siren SUPs, the Rocket Quad dispenses with the dampening effect of an inherently inconsistent wood stringer and builds the saved weight into the shell, which allows us to reliably tailor the flex pattern of the board to performance specs.

    In order to eliminate "yaw" while paddling, we have employed a double-wing diamond tail configuration in order to keep the outline as parallel as possible.  This is even more important in the 7'4" version of the Rocket Quad, where the shortened length necessitates a curvier outline.  The added benefit of this is that it makes the board very snappy--quick directional changes are easily initiated.  The quad-fin set up puts more fin area out near the rail, ensuring that the board will not spin out.

    The 7'4" x 27.5 x 3.85 Rocket Quad was designed for experienced, surf-specific SUPers who are willing sacrifice some ease of paddling in exchange for the ability to expand the range of possibility on the wave face.

    Hand built in the USA.

    Key Features:

    • 1.5# Density EPS Core
    • Super Strong Epoxy Shell
    • Eco-friendly Chromo-Tech Acrylic Color and Clear Coat
    • Highest strength-to-weight ratio achievable in a hand built SUP

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