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Siren Colibri - Compositech

    • Out of Stock...Darn!
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    DARN!  Looks like this one got away....

    Here are some in-stock items that may interest you:

    5'5" x 20" x 2.5"

    The Colibri is our interpretation of the World Title winning twin-fins of the late '70's. Low rocker, generous thickness and very light weight, the Colibri's extra buoyancy makes it very adept at catching waves, while a single to deep double-barrel concave through the tail creates a very positive yet alive feeling underfoot.  Fluted wing and split tail complement the twin-fin setup, creating plenty of traction for taking on anything from hollow beachbreaks to overhead point-break perfection.  Make the Cherry Bomb your go-to board for gutless, mushy surf; take advantage of the Colibri's narrower tail and sleeker rails when it gets big.

    Siren is offering a limited edition run of boards featuring CS Composites construction technology that incorporates specialized glass, carbon and organic-fiber "surfacing-veil" components to yield the most impressive strength-to-weight ratio achievable, while preserving a user friendly flex characteristic.  Translation: Durable, ultra light weight boards that catch waves easily, surf super fast, and turn on a dime.

    The Compositechâ„¢ version features a graphical "surfacing-veil" layer that not only looks good but creates a superior bond between the core and the glass composite shell, resulting in minimal weight without sacrificing compressive strength or flex response.

    This mode of construction also equates to unreal wave catch-ability for a board of this size.  On the wave face, the Compositech-built boards feel fast and skatey, jamming through turns and skating over flat spots.  More than a few of our riders have abandoned their longboards for the Cherry Bombs and Colibris on all but the smallest days.

    Available in sizes up to 6'4. Truly an unbelievable board.

    Hand built in the USA.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  Drop us an email as we can accommodate some rush orders.

    Click here if you would like us to build you a custom Colibri.

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