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Siren Surfboards x Channin "Hot Tamale" 9'0 by SurfTech

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    DARN!  Looks like this one got away....

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    The Siren "Hot Tamale" Surfboard by SurfTech

    9'0" x 22.5" x 2.625"

    The Siren Hot Tamale is ready for anything. Small surf, big surf, mushy surf, the Hot Tamale can make the most of all conditions.  Ridden to victory by 2005 World Longboard Champion Kristy Murphy!  A Siren x Channin design collaboration, the Siren Hot Tamale by SurfTech balances speed, noseride-ability and manueverability in order to make it the perfect go-to all around surfcraft, no matter what kind of surf you find yourself in.

    Featuring a 2+1 fin setup and slight "V" bottom, the Hot Tamale surfs like a shortboard from the tail while a subtle nose concave and soft rails forward of center make noseriding a breeze -- even in big surf. A progressive rocker and narrow, racy tail allows for snappy vertical maneuvers in the pocket.  The Hot Tamale is perfect for anyone who surfs a wide variety of conditions -- from steep beach breaks to gentle point breaks, the Siren Hot Tamale can handle them all.

    Built by SurfTech using the most advanced Tuflite Epoxy-Sandwich molded construction format, the SurfTech version of the Siren x Channin Hot Tamale is the ultimate in lightweight durability, making it the perfect travel longboard.  Supplied with Futures side fins and 9" Channin center fin, ride it as a tri-fin in big waves and switch to a single fin when the surf is small.

    "The Tamale is by far my favorite competition longboard, but works great in everything.  If I could only have one board, this would be it!" -Kristy Murphy, 2005 World Longboard Champion




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