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Siren x Channin "Sol Desire" 7'6 Hybrid Surfboard by SurfTech

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    DARN!  Looks like this one got away....

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    The Siren x Channin "Sol Desire" Hybrid Surfboards by SurfTech

    7'6 x 21.5 x 2.75

    The Sol Desire is the ultimate mid-length tri-fin surfboard.  Simple design elements yeild a very easy, forgiving shape that makes the most of all conditions.  A flat rail-to-rail bottom contour, coupled with a conservative rocker profile, maximizes efficiency through the water, generating speed in the weakest of conditions.  If you are currently a longboarder, the Sol Desire is the perfect transition to the world of higher performance shortboard surfing.

    For riders looking for a board that works in small waves without resorting to a longboard, the Soul Desire fits the bill.  Contrary to the typical egg's reputation as being big and bulky, the Soul Desire hits the lip, cuts back and goes on-rail with speed and purpose evern in really weak surf.   An excellent starter board as well, balancing stability, manueverability and ease of paddling in a manageably sized package.  Try one for yourself and you will see how easily the Siren Sol Desire will become your sole desire.

    Built by SurfTech using the most advanced Tuflite Epoxy-Sandwich molded construction format, the SurfTech version of the Siren x Channin Sol Desire is the ultimate in lightweight durability, making it the perfect for surf travel.  Supplied with Futures tri-fins.

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