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Siren "Deep 7" SUP Fin

    • Out of Stock...Darn!
    • $224.95

    • 7" in height, Carbon Epoxy RTM Compositech construction, Ultra light core

    • Very long chord length foil sections for speed

    • Perfect for shallow water lake and lagoon paddling with a radius at the base of the leading edge to shed weeds and an excellent fin for kelpy downwind runs

    • High surface area adds stability to compensate for shallow depth

    • Optimized fin thickness for efficiency over a broad range of paddling speeds

    • Relatively high aspect ratio for a weed-shedding fin for easier pivot turning at buoys and obstacles

    Performance Specifications, 1-5
    Roll Stability
    Tracking Stability
    BOP Style Race
    In-Shore Surf
    Technical Specifications
    Construction Type Compositech: Carbon Honeycomb
    Surface Area, A 58 square inches
    Mean Rake Angle, θ 38 Degrees
    Depth, D 7.1"
    Breadth, B 16"
    Base Length, b 8"

    Measure the fullest part of your chest across your bust and shoulder blades (usually not the same as your bra size!). Then use the guide below to get a general idea of which size tops should work for you.

    Siren Peasant Blouse & Dress Size Chart:
    US Size:
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    Your Bust Size (Measure!):
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    Recommended Blouse Size:
      S     M     L     XL   XX
    Garment's Bust Measurement:
      S : 36     M : 38     L : 42     XL : 46     XX : 50  

    *Larger busted but otherwise slender Sirens tell us that it is possible to size down one inch (e.g., a 38” bust may be able to wear a Medium), but when in doubt, size up.


    Hand or machine wash cool on gentle cycle with like colors only.  Hang to dry or machine dry delicate.

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    Absolutely! But remember you’ll be out the shipping both ways.

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    Yes -- We ship worldwide and most items arrive in 7-14 days!

    •Do you take Pre or Custom orders?

    We used to, but it really bummed us out to disappoint a customer if we missed a deadline so we stopped.

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