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Siren Maiden Logo Vintage Tee: Concrete

    • Out of Stock...Darn!
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    DARN!  Looks like this one got away....

    Here are some in-stock items that may interest you:

    Siren's iconic Maiden logo block printed by hand on our vintage inspired Concrete tee.

    The Siren Vintage Tee will take you back to those halcyon days when the surf was better, the water was warmer, and the gas was cheaper. Featuring super-soft 100% cotton that is acid dyed and washed to create that retro, "worn 1000 times" vibe. Artfully adorned with the Siren logo block printed by hand on the chest--No two shirts are alike. The Siren sleeve tag adds the finishing touch.

    Block printing involves etching a mirror image of the art in a block of semi-hard rubber, coating the block with waterbased eco-friendly fabric paint, and pressing the block to the fabric to leave an imprint of the art on the shirt.  Block printing dispenses with the harsh chemicals, volitile inks and extra materials required in the traditional screenprint method for printing t-shirts.   Every shirt is a unique piece of wearable art.

    Also available in Asphalt and Indigo.

    Sizing: Small: 0-4; Medium: 4-6; Large: 6-8; XL: 8-10.

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